How To Find God: The Question By Child Of God

How To Find God: Where Are You God

How to find God is a question of every child of God and indirectly of all of us as we all are children of God. We all have questioned once in our life that how to find God.

Actually, we human can not really find God, but it is a feel that makes us feel we found the God. The God can be found by doing a good deeds like helping needy people, giving a food to the street animals or pets or helping people without expecting anything. God can be found by the after thing happens in our life when we actually helped a person and a person gives his blessings to us.

5 Practices To Find God

We all always say, Where are you God? However, there are also many other ways which can make us like we've found the God. Let us share that ways and following that ways continuously, can helps us find God.

How To Find God: 5 Practices To Find God

By Helping Needy People

What does God want us to do? - To help others without expecting any reward. God can be found in a person whom we help without any returns or expectations. We can not see God but the person we help can be seen as a God whose blessings will show us a miracle which we may never thought about.

How To Find God: 5 Practices To Find God

By Prayer

God loves prayer. Whenever we remember God really with a prayer, definitely God listens us and by doing prayer, God can be found in our prayer. Prayer has a power to attract God so that we can find God in a prayer. Prayer should be coming from our heart, If we don't know how to pray then no worries, we can pray to God in our simple words because we all are children of God and in our simple words, God can hear us. Praising Him can help.

How To Find God: 5 Practices To Find God

By Believing That God Dwells In Every Creature Of Nature

If we hardly believe that every creature nature is a part of God, we don't need to find God because God is everywhere if we see it as an eyes of God. God is in every person, every animal and every flower we see from our eyes. We have to built that ability to see the world from Gods' eyes. This beautiful nature is given by God to us. If we practice believing that God dwells in every creature of nature then we can find God everywhere.

How To Find God: 5 Practices To Find God

By Keeping Faith And Trust In Him

Faith and trust has a power that can help us find God easily. If we keep strong faith and trust that God is there around us, helping us in our every step of our life then we can definitely find God. Faith and trust can make us feel powerful that there is God helping us to find Him.

How To Find God: 5 Practices To Find God

By Meditation

Mediation is a very good way to find God. By doing meditation, we can actually go to the another world of a life where we can see God blessing us with His peace, happiness and love. In these every steps, we can find God if we are in peace and peace can come only with meditation. Mediation is a way to meet God and talk with Him in a peace mind.

How To Find God's Peace

God's peace can be found only by connecting with Him spiritually. Spiritual power can make us find God's peace with the strong faith and hope in Him. We can also go to the nature, nature is the best place where we can feel that God exists and we can find Him really! Nature is a given by God to us and it's really helpful to find God with connecting with it.